How to create a temporary URL in SolidCP Control Panel.

To add a temporary URL to your website for testing and previewing before going live, follow the steps below.  NOTE:  When you are done using the temporary URL you will need to DELETE it.  ALSO, for WordPress customers.  Wordpress uses relative paths so you don't want to use the temporary URL anywhere in your site as it won't work as well and it will hinder proper SEO.

1.  Log into the client dashboard
2.  Scroll down until you see the "my services' header.
3.  Click on your hosting package (i.e. Civilian -
4.  Click on 'control panel'
5.  From the control panel, click on the 'domains' icon
6.  Click on the your domain name.
7.  You will see 'Instant Alias' in blue lettering.  To the right , click  'create instant alias'.

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