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When is my payment due?
Why was I charged for this?
What should I do if I have not received my monthly invoice?
What is your connection speed and hardware specs?
What if my site breaks your "acceptable use policy" rules?
What if I need more bandwidth, or I used more than the allotted bandwidth last month? What will I be charged?
What hours can I speak with the Billing and Sales department?
Is there a minimum time contract/committment required?
I've seen web hosting cheaper than yours, what's the deal?
What forms of payment will CFDynamics accept? What are the pay periods available?
I got billed incorrectly, what should I do to rectify billing?
How will I be charged if I upgrade or downgrade?
How do I use my promotional code?
How do I order more storage space (disk space)?
How do I reactivate my old account?
How do I update my Credit Card Information with CFDynamics?
How do I upgrade my account?
How do I order more bandwidth?
How do I make changes to the way my account is billed?
Can I resell space within my own account?
Can I view my payment history?
Do I get a discount for prepaying?
Do you accept Paypal payments?
Does e-mail or FTP count against my bandwidth limit?
How can I change the account holder's name?
How can I change the frequency of my payments?
How can I receive my invoices?
How do I reset my password?
How can you offer so much web space and bandwidth at your low prices?
How do I cancel an account with CFDynamics?
How do I get a nonprofit discount?
Can I resell my web space to other people?
Can I have Warez, Appz, Serialz and or commercial software on my homepage?
Can I host XXX/Adult sites?
Can I order even though I do not live in the U.S.?