News: PHP update Completed

Published: 04/16/2019

CFDynamics is pleased to announce that we will be updating all Linux based PHP websites. This allows enhanced performance and security also updated versions of many open source software packages are actually starting to require newer PHP builds.

We will be upgrading all websites located on Linux servers designated as host01 & car-host02 to PHP 7.2.* This will be a quick version change from PHP 5.2.* The process will occur on Monday May 6th, at approximately 7:00 AM CST.

Check the items in the change list found below to see whether any of them might affect your applications. If you suspect anything on the list below will affect your application please contact us prior to the update. Upon completion web, networking and ODBC connections to the server will be restored. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

See below for instructions on how to make the change yourself right now.

Login to the Control Panel from the Client Dashboard
In the left navigation bar Click Server Configuration to expand
Click PHP Versions
Select the desired Version
Click the Save Versions button

Thank you,
CFDynamics Support Team