News: MySQL Server Upgrade COMPLETED

Published: 04/01/2021

Upgrade COMPLETED Tuesday, May 4th, at approximately 5:00 AM CST

CFDynamics is pleased to announce that we will be upgrading to MariaDB 10.3* This will be a full LIVE upgrade of the existing MySQL 5.5.*. The process will occur on Tuesday, May 4th, at approximately 5:00 AM CST. Your existing DSN or DB connection will become unavailable for a few minutes for a couple times during this process to insure that no data is being written to the DB until the upgrade is complete. Check the items in the change list found below to see whether any of them might affect your applications. If you suspect anything on the list below will affect your application please contact us prior to the update.

Upon completion this news item will be titled COMPLETED and networking and ODBC connections to the server will be restored. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

This applies to host01 and car-host02 and MySQL02.

Thank you, CFDynamics Support Team