News: Host01 Linux server Upgrade COMPLETED

Published: 05/01/2024

Upon completion this News Item Title will be changed from Scheduled to Complete

We take the condition, security and performance of our servers very seriously; in order to provide the best available service we are moving your site to an upgraded Linux server environment. This will be a full LIVE upgrade. This move will take place starting Monday June 3rd at approximately 4AM CST, with an expected time frame of 2-4 hours. During this time frame you should expect connectivity to be completely unavailable or very intermittent. We recommend that you make no changes to the content on your site during this time frame.

Once the upgrade has been completed, only PHP 8.x builds will be available. All older end of life PHP versions (5.x 7.x) will no longer be available. You can test and update to a more current version prior to the server update. See PHP Update Roadmap

See below for instructions on how to make the change yourself right now:

Login to the Control Panel from the Client Dashboard
In the left navigation bar Click Server Configuration to expand
Click PHP Options
Select the desired Version
Click the Save button

To further clarify the 2-4 hour Maintenance window starting Monday June 3rd at approximately 4AM CST. We do not expect 2-4 full hours of down time; we fully expect that individual sites should be unavailable for a few minutes at most with possible spotty connectivity during that time frame. During the 2-4 hour time frame we are asking that site owners refrain from making any changes to ensure proper migration.

If you experience any issues after the Update has been completed please contact support.