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Our Dedicated Servers can’t be beat! From standard server configurations to private network clusters that grow with your business…you can’t go wrong with an IT partner that cares about your business as much as you do!

Help Your Business Grow

Dedicated servers from CFDynamics can take your business to the next level! Managing your own IT issues can be time consuming and tedious, not to mention expensive. We understand that your time is better spent running your business. With our servers your scalability is seamless – you don’t have to jump through hoops and do magic tricks to upgrade your server or expand your capacity.


We understand that when it comes to choosing a dedicated server, reliability and security are your top priorities. At CFDynamics we’ve got you covered. From the moment traffic enters your site to the moment it leaves, we make sure your network is available, reliable, and prompt. Firewalls? Check. Backup? Check. Updates? Check. Anti-virus? Check. Rest at ease – your life gets easier with your CFDynamics dedicated server.

$249Starting at*
    • Intel Core i3 Processor

    • 2GB RAM

    • 500GB Hard Drive

    • 400GB of Bandwidth

$499Starting at*
    • Xeon DC/4T Processor

    • 4GB RAM

    • 1 TB Hard Drive

    • 600GB of Bandwidth

$699Starting at*
    • Xeon QC/8T Processor

    • 4GB RAM

    • 2x450GB 15K FAST! Hard Drive

    • 1TB of Bandwidth

$999Starting at*
    • Xeon E3 Turbo QC/8T Processor


    • 4x300GB 10K SAS Hard Drive

    • 2TB of Bandwidth


Get the most for your money! With our standard dedicated server packages you’ll get optimal speed, security and uptime. Plus you’ll have full control over your dedicated server- including choice of operating systems, hardware, and more.


Your server sits on a multi-homed network and is backed by one of the most reliable and intelligent networks in the industry.


CFDynamics has developed special relationships with suppliers like Dell. This allows us to offer superior dedicated server packages and software for dedicated servers at budget-friendly prices. We can help you make the most of your business dollar!

Dedicated Server Options

Managed dedicated servers- Utilize our managed server program and we’ll maintain and manage your dedicated server- including responding to alerts for you, so you can focus on running your business.

Standard dedicated servers– Simply put, you rent your dedicated server from us and can manage it the way you choose. Alerts about your server are sent directly to you.

Don’t See the Perfect Package Above? Check Out Our

Custom Server Solutions

Storage Options

Huge capacity, top speed or just totally bombproof? Pick the hard drive combination you need, we can accommodate any request.

Increased Memory

You can never have too much RAM, and we’ll cram as much as you want into your custom dedicated server.

Cluster Design

We can build clustered environments for our custom dedicated servers, which will improve your website’s availability, speed and security. Clusters also make your site more adaptable as your business grows.

Custom Security

Our knowledgeable staff can help you analyze and develop a customized set of security options for your server.

Backup Solutions

We can backup your data to another drive, server, or data center.

Everything Else

With all the technical jargon and the wide variety of custom dedicated servers out there, it might be difficult for you to know what’s best for your business. If you’re not sure what you need, our experts can help you decide.

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