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ColdFusion Hosting

CFDynamics ColdFusion web hosting is an expressive and powerful solution for your website! Adobe ColdFusion allows the user to perform programming tasks at higher levels than other coding languages while still integrating with popular web applications. These applications include databases, PDF form creation, and MS exchange access.

We offer a variety of ColdFusion versions within our hosting plans making accessing your data easier than ever. Combined with office integration and ajax tools, ColdFusion helps you design the hottest, most robust, and best-looking applications quickly. With our superhero team available to help you along the way, your ColdFusion hosted site will be virtually unstoppable!

    • Starting at*

    • Ideal for

    • Disk space

    • Monthly Bandwidth

    • Adobe ColdFusion

    • Enterprise Email Accounts

    • Domains

    • Dedicated IP Available

    • Databases

    • Monthly cost

    • 20.79/mo*

    • Small Brochure Sites

    • 10GB

    • 100GB

    • Yes

    • 100

    • 2

    • 1

    • $24.95

Best Value
    • 45.79/mo*

    • Your Personal Site

    • 20GB

    • 200GB

    • Yes

    • 500

    • 5

    • Yes

    • 2

    • $54.95

    • 58.29/mo*

    • Business Owners

    • 30GB

    • 300GB

    • Yes

    • 1000

    • 10

    • Yes

    • 10

    • $69.95

    • 91.63*

    • Power Users

    • 50GB

    • 500GB

    • Yes

    • Unlimited

    • 20

    • Yes

    • 50

    • $109.95

* Starting priced based on paying 6 months in advance.

All of our ColdFusion Hosting Packages Include:

  • Free installation or transfer †
  • Latest version of ColdFusion
  • Free WordPress or Drupal installation
  • MS Access and MySQL Databases
  • Control Panel access
  • ODBC Connectivity
  • FTP Access
  • Tag support
  • .net Integration
  • Ajax features
  • Web based DB Tools
  • Automatic site backups
  • Site analytics
  • Expert phone/live chat/email support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We Also Offer Advanced Features Including:

  • Earlier versions of ColdFusion
  • Customized site backup solutions
  • Plugin updates
  • Advanced security features
  • Dedicated IP
  • SSL Certificate

† Free installation is automatic upon site creation. One hour transfer service is included. Typical site transfers are less than 60 minutes once proper access is granted. Additional transfer services are available.


Just one more way we are saving the day!

FusionReactor offers more control as it monitors your ColdFusion servers and safeguards against crashes. With FusionReactor, your support staff can proactively monitor and fine-tune the performance of all your ColdFusion servers:

  • Manage all servers from a single user interface
  • Diagnose and analyze server and application issues
  • Continuously monitor ColdFusion based applications
  • Safeguard against server crashes
  • Improve stability, quality and performance of web application

Take advantage of our introductory premium pricing!
For just $25 setup and $40/monthly you get:

  • AIR Dashboard – a desktop extension for FusionReactor, the ideal way to keep track and monitor ColdFusion servers
  • Monthly rental of a premium Enterprise FusionReactor server license
  • Memory graphs for Java memory spaces
  • Metrics, search and replace filters, centralized archive and logging capability
  • Crash protection
  • Free FusionReactor mobile app

Are you a ColdFusion or Adobe User Group? Contact our Team for a free hosting account!

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