Services and Maintenance

DNS and Mail service

What is DNS?
Domain Name System (DNS) is a database system that translates a computer’s domain name into an IP address.

Our DNS service infrastructure is fully managed and secure with a simple, end-user interface to manage individual domain zone records. We can also accommodate requests for advanced DNS techniques -including reverse DNS for any appropriate product type.

Our mail service environment is delivered by enterprise mail clusters that are fully load balanced for additional peace of mind. Features include list server, spam, antivirus and message filtering service with personal whitelisting to deter spammers. Webmail features include personal contacts, calendar and tasks, password recovery; mailbox, calendar and contact sharing, and custom personalization.

Our most discerning clients can rest easy with CFDynamics Mail or DNS services, included with all CFDynamics products. . We respect that a client may need to choose the DNS and Mail services that best suit their business, , so both services can be scaled to meet individual needs. Clients can manage DNS or mail services utilizing software like SmarterMail, SpamAssasin, PostFix and numerous others. We can also accommodate clients who utilize free services like Gmail.


What is a backup?
A backup, or the process of backing-up refers to making copies of data so additional copies may be used to restore original data. Backups are primarily useful for two purposes. The first is to restore content following a disaster (disaster recovery). The second is to restore small numbers of files after they have been unintentionally deleted or corrupted in some manner. Since backup systems contain at least one copy of data, the storage requirements are massive. Organizing storage space and managing backup processes is a complicated process. It is also important to recognize some limitations and human factors involved in any backup model.

Backup configuration for shared hosting environments:
All backups are maintained and controlled by the end user, via the appropriate control panel interface and stored in the hosting space home directory. We strongly encourage our clients to maintain a current backup of all web content especially when performing updates to code. System server backups are configured and maintained for restoration in the event of unforeseen, catastrophic hardware failure and are never infallible by nature and design. Access to hosting space files from the system server backups, if available, may require an extra per-incident fee. We may also be able to accommodate certain off-site backup services. Additional fees may apply.

Backup configuration for virtual and dedicated server environments:
By default there is no backup space included for virtual and dedicated server environments. Due to the types of data in these environments, we strongly encourage our clients to add IronRevert to their product configurations, at minimum. For optimal protection and peace of mind, we recommend adding IronGuardian, which includes all maintenance options. Clients also have the option to create backup destinations outside the CFDynamics network, but this option will draw from the allotted bandwidth amount.

SSL – Security Certificates

What is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL encrypts data when it travels from one computer to another across the Internet. SSL will enable a customer’s browser to connect to a website and transparently negotiate a secure communication channel. Once this connection has been made, information (like credit card numbers) can be exchanged securely.

SSL does not include software to process credit card transactions. Although you can securely receive credit card information through SSL, actual processing of the credit card will require a “Merchant Account” from an accredited financial institution.

Under normal circumstances private SSL certificates will require the use of a dedicated IP address and for some products a setup and or monthly fees may apply.

PCI Compliance

What is PCI?
The Payment Card Industry has established a set of requirements designed to make certain that every organization processes, stores and transmits credit card information in a secure environment.

PCI Compliance involves the continual scanning and rescanning of resources and a great deal of administrative time and resources to test, patch and resolve issues that naturally occur over time. Due to the complexity and ever changing nature of PCI compliance, per-incident fees may be charged for initial compliance and most subsequent requests.

Included Maintenance

Critical Monitoring: Internal and external monitoring that analyzes server and network availability.

Anti-Virus: Enterprise Real time Active Scanning for any Trojan, Greyware, Spyware, and Anti-Virus threats.

Firewall: Enterprise Firewall protects servers from common attack types, supplement to Core router level ACL.

Optional Maintenance for virtual and dedicated server environments:

Recommended for optimal protection and peace of mind. This incredible value includes all optional maintenance items when selected during product configuration.

With IronService, clients will receive ongoing support via tickets, phone, live chat, and access to our SOS Paging System. This includes service restarts, configuration issues, error troubleshooting, DNS or mail issues, and additional assistance from our knowledgeable support and administrative staff. We provide automated critical and security related kernel and operating system updates. This option is good for less-experienced systems administrators and individuals focused on development.

Without this option, CFDynamics staff is only authorized to offer a reboot of your product. A per-incident fee will be charged when requesting the resolution of non-outage issues via support staff. Clients may only contact support staff if the network infrastructure is physically down or access to system is inaccessible due to connectivity issue or remote access session issue. Clients are responsible for all kernel and system updates.

IronRevert provides advanced backup of up to 80GB of server content from multiple specified folder locations including multiple specified configurations, i.e. MSSQL, Apache, MySQL, ColdFusion and etc. Backed up data is stored on file servers with redundant storage arrays to ensure data integrity, security, and safety.

IronSaber provides priority ticketing system support from our knowledgeable staff.; This includes advanced training and support during initial configuration and installation of your product. IronSaber also includes priority troubleshooting and support during and after restoration in the event of catastrophic hardware failure.

The IronTutor package includes software installation and configuration performed on request, including troubleshooting, performance tuning and best practice recommendations. This also includes the patching and updating of non critical security patches for IIS, OS, ColdFusion, SQL and others on request. Clients are allowed a maximum of 1 incident per quarter.

Revert provides a simple backup of content up to 40GB of server data from a single folder location, i.e., local web data, database, or other configuration. Revert is a great option to ensure peace of mind. Backed up data is stored on file servers with redundant storage arrays to ensure data integrity, security, and safety.

Firewall Plus
Firewall Plus is a customized firewall group that provides increased flexibility and enables additional open or closed ports upon request.

The Monitor option provides monitoring of specified service availability, i.e., MSSQL, MySQL, POP, FTP, Etc. Monitor includes self healing tools to resolve issues automatically. CFDynamics will also monitor a maximum of 10 additional services at no additional charge.

With Notify, clients can take advantage of our automatic paging or ticket creation services if a system error is detected and left unresolved.

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